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Beauty School Montgomery - Bucks County PA

Beauty School of Montgomery - Bucks County PA

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Why Our Beauty School Of Montgomery - Bucks County PA

Our team of professional and experienced trainers will guide your education and direct your progress to help you build the career you’ve dreamed about. We know you are the future of the beauty industry.


Our cosmetology program gives students the basics of cosmetology such as hairstyling, cutting, coloring, barbering techniques, skin care methods, and nail technology. But that's not all!


At Dream Cosmetology Institute, students develop professional work habits, and successful business practices which encourage self-reliance and a willingness to help others look and feel their very best.


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What Our Montgomery - Bucks County PA Beauty School Offers

At Dream Cosmetology Institute, students turn opportunity into reality! Our program provides students with advanced training workshops, student showcases, and much more so students can enhance their skills. Push past the boundaries of average and traditional and bring their imaginative visions to life.


Uniquely, our small class sizes allow each student to receive close personal attention from their teachers to be provided with the opportunity to develop not only their technical skills but their specialized skills.


• Encouraging atmosphere

• Comprehensive curriculum

• A balance of core academics and practical salon services to achieve success

• A never–ending commitment to continuous improvement

• Career counseling and placement assistance


Our students are not just cosmetologists, they are trendsetters, leaders, and business professionals they are innovators of the future who truly stand apart from the crowd!


Montgomery - Bucks County PA Beauty School Career Options:


• Hair Stylist• Manicurist• Skin Care Specialist• Pedicurist• Hair Colorists• Nail Technician• Make up Artist• Cosmetic Buyer• Beauty Product Representative• Manufacturers Beauty Educator• Beauty Supply Manager• Beauty Consultant• Beauty Salon Receptionist• Salon / Spa Owner• Retail Cosmetic Sales• Stylist for TV, Movies, Theatre• Texture Service Specialist• Beauty School Instructor• Cruise Ship Salon Stylist• Chain Salon Stylist / Manager


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