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Nail Technology Center Square PA


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Nail technology (200 hours)


Our nail technology program will prepare you with your your practical instruction on how to perform manicures, pedicures and artificial nails while practicing proper hygiene and sanitation methods.


An exciting career is right at your fingertips and the fingertips of millions of others! Whether it is in a trendy salon, a tranquil spa or somewhere in between, opportunities for nail professionals continue to flourish.

Manicuring/Nail Technology is more than a manicure or pedicure. Nail technology is the art and science of professional nails. By enrolling in our Manicuring/Nail Technology program, you'll learn the anatomy, physiology and pathology of nails and skin, nail beauty techniques, and how to use professional nail products.



Our Manicuring/Nail Technology near Center Square PA program features:


Nail Care near Center Square PA


•Manicures, Including Water and Oil Manicures with Hand and Arm Massage

•Application of Artificial Nails, Including Liquid, Gel and Powder Brush-Ons, and Nail Tips

•Nail Wraps and Repairs, and Nail Analysis

•Pedicures, Including Foot and Ankle Massage


Career Development


•Professional Ethics

•Fundamentals of Business Management

•Salesmanship and Marketing

•Effective Communication and Human Relations


Health and Safety


•Industry and State Laws and Regulations

•Health and Safety Considerations

•Disinfection and Sanitation

•Bacteriology, Anatomy and Physiology

The course length is divided between technical classroom instruction in nail technology and practical experience in the art and science of manicuring. You will receive traditional classroom training; however, the majority of training is learned through real life experience with clients. This format provides an exceptional learning experience that prepares students with a solid background of practical hands-on training directly related to the nail industry.





Dream Cosmetology Institute Manicuring/Nail Technology graduates have found careers as:


• Manicurist• Pedicurist• Nail Technician• Beauty Supply Manager• Beauty Salon Receptionist• Salon / Spa Owner• Retail Cosmetic Sales• Stylist for TV, Movies, Theatre• Beauty School Instructor• Cruise Ship Salon Stylist


At the conclusion of the nail technician program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the State Board Examination and earn your professional license – the final step towards beginning your career in this growing field of nail technology.


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